How It Works

Step 1: Join the Community
  • 10-month academic calendar, August-May
  • monthly events, field trips and activities
  • High school graduation ceremony (June 2023)
  • Science fair
  • Speech competition
  • Jr and Sr Prom
  • And more!


Step 2: Choose Parent Supports
  • Plumbline Private Library access
  • Monthly parent resource events
  • Recommended curriculum support for core subject areas
  • Education support documents and forms 
  • Individual parent support meetings
  • one-on-one family mentorship option
  • student tutoring options
Step 3: Register for Classes
  • Learning center classes for grades K-12 with core subject support for junior high and high school
  • Personalized learning with group experience
  • Biblical foundation for all classes
  • Short term and elective classes

The Details

Membership levels center around the level of support a family chooses, beginning with community support, adding in parent mentorship opportunities, and having access to individual student options through classes. 


How does Plumbline work?

Choose one of three levels of support based on the individual needs of your family.

Option 1: Community Membership ($300 year per family)

Option 2: Community + Parent Supports ($400 year per family)

Option 3: Community + Parent + Student Classes ($400 year per family + individual student class fees)

Each option requires a yearly, non-refundable $50 family application fee.

Community Membership

Join Plumbline and participate in a community calendar of scheduled educational activities, student focused events, and organized field trips.


Have the option of participating in organized events each month for grades K-12, along with additional yearly activities such as a high school graduation ceremony, science fair, speech competition, and prom. Events will provide a chance for academic challenges, spiritual growth, and relationship building. 

Some events will require an additional fee to attend, and graduation participation requires submission of a parent-driven transcript.


Events, field trips and activities are on Mondays and Fridays.

Community + Parent Supports

This Plumbline option adds specific support for the home educating parent. Included is access to the Plumbline Private Library, the option for personalized parent mentorship, and regular parent resource events for learning, problem solving and success sharing. Plumbline carries a list of recommended curriculums for the core subjects, along with access to used books to help buffer the expense of home educating. Save time and frustration with premade forms and documentation help. And should you find that you need additional help occasionally, or that you have a student with some tutoring needs, you have access to one-on-one tutoring for a small additional fee. 

Parent events are scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. 

Community + Parent + Student Classes

From August through May, additional opportunities can be found at Plumbline for K to 12 students through learning center classes. Classes are sized big enough for quality group interaction and learning, but small enough for personalized attention. All classes uphold the Plumbline statement of faith. Full year classes, semester classes, and even single day classes can be chosen to enrich the home education experience.

Classes are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and average between 1 and 2 hours per week.


Classes for grades K-5 focus on academic exposure, topics to supplement the home curriculum, and developing lifelong learners. K-2 classes average 6-15 students. 3-5 grade classes average 10-15. 


Classes for grades 6-12 have an academic focus placed on core subjects (English, Math, Science, History), but short term and elective classes are also offered. 6-8 grade classes average 12-20 students. 8-12 grade classes average 12-25.


Class registration is on a first-come first-served basis with continuing families having the first option for enrollment. Textbooks will be used from the curriculum library whenever possible. Some courses, such as high school science, may have an additional lab fee.


Student class placement is not dependent on a traditional school structure, but Plumbline teachers and administrators have the final decision on the social and academic appropriateness of student placement.