Community Handbook


Welcome to Plumbline Learning Center!


Below you will find relative information and policies regarding community membership. Plumbline Learning Center is designed to serve the home education community in Nevada County and neighboring counties. 



What is Plumbline?

  • Plumbline Learning is a part-time home education program focused on providing community, support and services to its members. 
  • Plumbline Learning is not a school and is not bound by the expectation of a traditional school model. 
  • At Plumbline Learning we serve and welcome several different styles of homeschooling including those who are independent and file their own private school affidavits, those who belong to an umbrella school, and those who belong to a public charter school.

Community Membership Fee and Refund Policy

Plumbline Learning requires a once a year $400 community membership fee per family. This fee includes access to all student, parent, library and learning center options as described in detail on our website.


Some events and field trips require an additional fee beyond membership.


Classes require additional registration fees.


**Community Membership fees are refundable by request until the first day of the academic calendar. For the 2022/23 school year that date is August 15. No refunds will be issued after this date.

Community fees are paid directly to Plumbline Learning.

Class Refund and Drop Policy

Parents agree to pay for a full semester of class as a condition of enrollment. Students may attend and pay for 2 weeks of a class without penalty for withdrawal. These two weeks equate to the first month (August). Past the second week it is expected that the semester be paid in full and no refunds will be issued. If a student is absent for either of the first two weeks the policy does not change and the drop date remains the same.

Class Payment Policy

Class and tutoring fees are to be paid directly to the teacher or tutor. This information is provided with class registration.


Monthly Payment Options

Classes may be paid for in one lump sum at the beginning of the semester, or in monthly payments. All classes must be paid in full by the end of the semester. Failure to do so will prevent future registration.


Email, newsletter, and phone are the primary communication tools for Plumbline Learning. Families are expected to keep an updated email on file with Plumbline and all instructors.


Social Media and Photography Policy

Plumbline Learning will never use social media as a form of communication or planning within the community. 


Plumbline Learning families acknowledge that photographs are taken at Plumbline activities. These photographs may be used for internal Plumbline events such as class activities or yearbook but will never be used publicly without parent permission. The only exception is when creating Plumbline slideshows or presentations for the sponsoring church, Gold Country Calvary Chapel, or at Plumbline advertising events. Plumbline Learning does not use student photographs on social media as advertisement.

Food, Scent and Chemicals Policy

Plumbline Learning Center does their best to create a safe and inclusive environment for those students with special needs of all kinds. Staff and students are asked to uphold a fragrance free/scent free policy which includes essential oils. Cleaning is reserved for when students are not on site. Our classrooms are food free and food is allowed in designated areas only. Teachers/tutors are asked to notify parents ahead of time if food will be used in the classroom. We have on site staff trained in first aid, CPR, and epi-pen use. Please make sure the Plumbline Director and any teacher/tutors are aware of specific medical concerns your child may have. 

Cell phone/Toys/Electronics Policy

All cell phones must be turned off and left in backpacks at all times while on campus. This includes in between classes or in non-academic settings. Unless contacting a parent with permission, a visible cell phone will be confiscated. Cell phones will be returned at the end of class and the parent will be notified of the disruption.


In the event of an emergency you can contact the Plumbline Director by phone or the church office by phone. 


Please leave all toys and electronics at home unless otherwise requested by a teacher or tutor for in class use.

Dress Code

All Plumbline Community members are expected to dress modest, clean and appropriate. Dress Code expectations extend to any Plumbline event, including those off campus. Expectations include:

  • no undergarments visible
  • logos clean, respectful and in good taste
  • no provocative or revealing clothing
  • no midriff showing for any activities
  • no hats or hoodies on in the classroom (faces must be visible)



Teachers will provide formal feedback on class performance and academics as appropriate for the grade/age level and subject taught. Parents are responsible for any formal transcript grades.

Parent Supervision

Parent supervision for events, activities and field trips are dependent on the specific event.

When students are engaged in a class, parents are welcome to stay on campus or leave. Between class and lunch supervision is dependent on the student age/grade.

Grades K-5:

Students must be supervised by a parent anytime they are not in class. If a student is in back to back classes the parent does not need to help transition the child to the next class. Students who do not have back to back classes should be picked up at the classroom door following each class. Students will need to be monitored for the lunch break.


Grades 6-12:

Students do not require a parent on campus for classes if the student respects the Plumbline code of conduct. Between classes students can either be in the study hall room, or in designated outside areas. No behavior that disrupts current classes may occur and student must obey the Plumbline TEAM member providing supervision. At no time may a student be in the parking lot, and high school students who drive themselves may not loiter there. 

Parent Code of Conduct

Parents and guardians agree to:

  • behave in a safe and professional manner while on the Plumbline Learning campus, while attending Plumbline events, and through all communication such as phone and email.
  • monitor student work at home and help students arrive prepared to activities and classes.
  • arrive on time to any community event and facilitate your student arriving on time for any classes or individual activities.
  • make sure your child brings necessary supplies and has the proper textbooks.
  • remain on site if necessary.
  • make sure all contact information, allergies, or other changeable information is kept current with Plumbline.
  • drive slow and cautiously while in the parking lot and pulling out onto La Barr Meadows.

Parents and guardians understand that Plumbline Learning is a parent-driven community and does not employ an administrator dedicated to discipline issues. If a discipline issue results it is the parents’ responsibility to pick up their child from campus immediately. 


Guest visitors or students are not permitted without prior approval from the Director.


Siblings are not to attend classes they are not enrolled in.


Participation in our program is voluntary and a privilege. We will do our best to work with all families and students but maintain the right to revoke the privilege of membership at the discretion of the administration. Plumbline and its teachers/tutors reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Student Code of Conduct

Plumbline Learning holds behavior and academic expectations that stem from Colossians 3:23: Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men. 

Plumbline student actions should demonstrate love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Plumbline students are expected to maintain academic integrity.


 Discipline Policy

1- warning

2- reminder

3- removal from the environment for a time out and/or parent pick-up, parent conference

4- removal from Plumbline


No Tolerance Policy

Plumbline Learning holds a no tolerance policy for the following:

  • smoking, vaping, or alcohol on campus.
  • weapons off any kind, including knives or toy weapons that look real.
  • public displays of affection.
  • physical aggression or violence.
  • deliberate plagiarism.

Parent and Student Codes of Conduct apply at any Plumbline event whether on campus or off.

Illness and Wellness Policy

Any individual that is experiencing symptoms of illness may not participate in Plumbline for that day. Please be sure all individuals are symptom free, without using any symptom reducing medication for 48 hours before attending any events or classes. 

 Symptoms of illness may include:

  • fever of 100.4 or higher,
  • nausea vomiting,
  • cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing,
  • chills,
  • sore throat,
  • loss of taste or smell,
  • runny nose,
  • diarrhea,
  • swollen glands,
  • any infectious or contagious disease,
  • rash,
  • pink eye.

Field Trip and Event Attendance Policy

Plumbline Learning families choose which field trips and events they would like to attend. Sign-ups for any field trip or event that has limited participation is on a first come first served basis.


Attendance at events and field trips is critical for our relationship with businesses and ability to schedule future events. Families/students are expected to arrive on time. No-shows or non-emergency cancellations are not acceptable. Families who have a habit of tardiness or not showing for commitments will not be allowed to participate in future events. 


Class Absences

Students are responsible for work and learning missed during an absence.

Too many absences create a situation where a student is unable to be successful in class and it is disruptive to the classroom environment. A pattern of excessive absences could prevent future class registration.


Special Education/Special Needs Policy

Students with special needs are welcome in any community or classroom setting that is fitting and beneficial for them. Grade/age requirements can be waived in some situations. A parent may be asked to accompany a student to class as an aide. Please discuss needs and concerns with the Director.

Student Supplies

Please make sure that all students come prepared to each event with their own personal labeled water bottle. There will be water available to refill individual bottles as needed.


Students should come to class with these items regardless of age:

  • pencil, pen, eraser, colored pencils, lined paper and binder (or notebook with paper)